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Keynote Presentation at SPIL 2017 Conference titled “Economic and Environmental Analysis of Enhanced Heat Exchanger Designs “

by vipertex on December 19th, 2017

The SPIL 2017 Conference is a Process Engineering Conference  where presenters provide unique insights regarding  important areas of Enhancement, Process Integration and Sustainability.

Current energy/environmental demands coupled with energy resources that are depleting at an alarming rate, creates a serious economic / environmental situation with energy and environmental costs becoming an important consideration in the cost of any process.

Vipertex 1EHT Enhanced Heat Transfer Tubes provide the most cost effective and environmentally friendly means to advance the effectiveness of high performance thermal systems. Cost savings and environmental savings of using these tubes were discussed.

Several Case Studies of Heat Exchangers were presented that provide overdesigns of more than 45% (when compared to smooth tube designs), producing overdesigns with a payback (for the cost of the enhanced bundle) of a few months. Additional energy recovery can be achieved, providing savings in total costs and emissions.  One Smooth Tube Falling Film Heat Exchanger Design that was discussed produced  more CO2  emissions (smooth tube design produced more than 1440 metric tons per year) than a Vipertex 1EHT Falling Film Heat Exchanger would produce. Additionally, in a comparison of the three year total exchanger cost (Purchase + Install + Operations/Recovery) of a smooth tube exchanger to a similar size 1EHT exchanger; calculations show that the 1EHT total cost is more than 50% less than a smooth tube design.

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